A Note from Dan Frishberg

We provide unique professional training to enable you to invest using our proprietary techniques designed over a highly successful six-decade career on Wall Street, to minimize risk while dramatically enhancing your returns. As founders, Elisea and I see our golden chance to give back after more than 60 years on Wall Street. I have personally made many tens of millions of dollars in the stock market for myself, for the people around me, and millions of people watching me on TV and radio over the past 40 years.

Today, more than at any time since the spread of Christianity 2000 years ago, the world is coming together seeking a better life. Billions of people in every part of the world can now see the lifestyle that we Americans take for granted, and they are determined to have all of it. They are determined to move out of their villages with no electricity. They are determined to let their children have the same kind of college education that we take for granted. They want their kids to be doctors, accountants, lawyers, beauticians or plumbers - and they know now that this is within their grasp.

Instead of watching others move ahead in their finances, allow our School of Money to be your partner in working out your financial future. Every member of our organization is committed to the extra mile to provide professional guidance that will help you share the enormous wealth being created all around you, and enjoy the lifestyle you want as a successful participant in the greatest invention in human history – the free American economy.


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Buy stocks for only 10% down.


Learn when to buy and sell stocks and options.


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